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Welcome to Uncle Paul's Attic. It's time to dust off classics, collectibles and one of a kind works from Uncle Paul's old trunk of interactive junk.

Hyperbole Magazine

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Issue 1.1
(2.0 MB)
Our first foray into "The Art of Digital Storytelling" featuring the first installment of the award-winning interactive multimedia novel, The Madness of Roland. You've heard of "Politically Correct" and "Politically Incorrect," with the debut of Hanz Doppler, HyperBole brings you the Politically Inconceivable. Plus, Four Corners, HyperQuote, exploding sheep and more!
Issue 1.2
(1.3 MB)
Take a ride into the eye of the hurricane that destroyed Galveston with the original version of "In the Breach of Centuries." Plus, reader responses to Four Corners, the controversial "A Small Trilogy," "Tatt2" - a story about a tattoo artist with a tiger's tail, and the continuing saga of Roland.
Issue 1.3
(1.3 MB)
Read the story that made the editor of a prestigious New York literary magazine throw up his hands in disgust - then just throw-up. Is it a biting, satirical commentary on the ridiculous standards to which we hold our heroes, or a "...blatant attempt at commercialism?" Read "The Ends of Several Illustrious Careers" and decide for yourself. Rival ice cream men elevate their territorial dispute to the brink of global-thermonuclear war in "A Lapse of Good Humor." Plus, the premiere of HyperClassic, featuring William Blake's "Divinity."
Issue 2.1
(2.0 MB)
HyperClassic features excerpts from Thoreau's "Walden." You won't want to miss the debut of Komix, interactive humor featuring "School Days Memories," and the next installment of The Madness of Roland.
Issue 2.2
(2.8 MB)
This issue includes the stirring "Journal," the chronicle of a family living in Israel during the Gulf war. Also, Komix kicks off a new regular feature, "Something Small and Fluffy Blown to Bits." Check out the sardonic "A Hemingway Christmas," a loving lampoon of the brilliant and enigmatic Papa. This issue's HyperClassic features Mark Twain. And as always, there's more about Roland.
Issue 2.3
(1.9 MB)
HyperBole's first ever Science Fiction issue, featuring "No One Dreams Here," the original story which evolved into the award winning CD-ROM titles Quantum Gate and The Vortex: Quantum Gate II. Plus, an alien stand-up comic, a Gallery from out of this world, and a recalcitrant Hanz Doppler. The exciting conclusion to "The Madness of Roland" and an excerpt from one of the first ever works of Science Fiction round out this issue.
Issue 2.4
(3.7 MB)
Featuring "Descending Armies of Light," an interactive journey into yourself, and excerpts from Charles Dickens' "Hard Times." You also won't want to miss Dan Quayle misspelling "potato" and being blown up for his efforts. Want Ads We'd Like to See, "The Cosmos from a Porch Swing" by Dave Christner, and more.
Issue 2.5
(5.4 MB)
In color! Featuring the first installment of The Madness of Roland: Book II, and "The Garden." Plus the debut of "A Bunch of Nerdy Text." HyperClassic tackles religion and Hanz Doppler takes on politics. And for the first time ever, "Something Small and Fluffy gets Away!"
Issue 3.1
(5.2 MB)
Visit the psychotic world of Jurassic business and hallucinogenic romance in "CarnalVille." Experience first-hand remote control terrorism against tobacco ads in "Billboard Vigilante." Also, a new slant on the tarot, Hanz's advice on family gatherings and Nerdy Text from Brian Skinner. And you certainly won't want to miss "The Second Coming," by W.B. Yeats - our first outside submission for HyperClassic.

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