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HyperBole Studios OnLine
Welcome to the content side of our web presence. Here we encourage you to explore the world of interactive storytelling,experience digital art and online diversions, learn from our tech support crew, download free games and read our our interactive serials. Most of all, we want you to have fun! If you get lost, check out the site map. You may need some tools to get all the toys to work.


Greetings, please start your tour here. Surfing problems? Questions about our products? We're happy to help ya!
You're Always Right Uncle Paul's Attic
Customer service, technical support, feedback forms and online ordering. We know who pays the bills around here. A dusty collection of classics, relics and slightly older fare -- we thought, "What the heck, let's give it away!"
Andalusia Levant Propaganda
A gateway to adventure and links to stimulate the imagination. Let us bend your mind and twist your will. Buy! Buy! Buy!
Breakfast Serial The Grotto
Start your day the right way! With a big bowl of high-fiber interactive story-O's. Twice the story with half the bandwidth! Things have advanced since the days of ochre and charcoal on the cave wall -- but not much!
The Sandbox Lumiere
The sun overhead, the sand in your pail and a circle of friends. Can you come out and play? The Lumiere Festival of Interactive Film and Storytelling aims to be the world's premiere festival for the genre.

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