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They're just a little bit crazy, but we love them anyway.

Halle Eavelyn
BA, Communications, University of Maryland
One of the founding partners of HyperBole Studios, Halle is responsible for the company's business organization. As the original Director of Marketing, she laid the groundwork for the company using an aggressive PR campaign for HyperBole's rapid emergence as a leader in multimedia.

With a degree in communications, Halle has considerable experience in retail and customer service, which helped her to gain a wide perspective on industry sales. She has also worked in telemarketing, and as a columnist and sales rep for an entertainment newspaper. Her experience in public speaking assists her in keeping HyperBole's message at the leading edge of this new medium.

Halle's present concerns are the day-to-day business of running the company, acting as a liaison between the project divisions, and propelling the studio to its next stage of development. As Executive Producer for Quantum Gate and The Vortex, she successfully led these titles to market by overcoming considerable obstacles, such as the bankruptcy of the publisher. Currently, Halle is responsible for arranging financing for a title roster that is increasingly creative and technically challenging.

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