Possible Thrilling Episodes

... The escape from Schwing's prison on Planet B'Gawk.

... Schwing's attempt to foil Hammond's plans by sending a sexy robot to seduce him.

... The Mutton Chop visits the Planet of Catty Housewives.

... Hammond foils Schwing's attempt to use the infernal Honey BBQ Ray on the Earth.

... The Mutton Chop visits the Hillbilly Planet.

... Hammond's ingenious use of Bessie, the Space Cow, as a diversion.

... Lotta gets caught in the Chicken Frying Room on Planet B'Gawk

... Hammond and Lotta are turned into chickens

... Dr. Splicer unsuccessfully tries to splice Schwing's and Space Cadet Jimmy's DNA

... The Mutton Chop visits the Goth Planet.

... Schwing tracks The Mutton Chop through a minefield of explosive poultry.

... The Mutton Chop visits Planet X, world of twenty-something apathetic ne'er-do-wells.

... The Mutton Chop's visit to a chicken-mining planet and the miners' gift of a Space Cadet Jimmy dispenser. Space Cadet Jimmy is the ubiquitous sidekick/security guard, who constantly gets disintegrated, eaten, flattened, shredded, exsanguinated, mutated, and just plain killed. He is replaced each time by the dispenser pellets ("just add water").