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The Doors of Abydos

Transport yourself to ancient Egypt as an Egyptologist investigating the Temple of Seti in Abydos. You discover a hidden chamber which contains a strange device, a large piece of alien technology used to transport the original pantheon of Egyptian Gods to and from the realms of Chaos.

By activating the device, you have accidentally made Earth accessible to these creatures of Chaos, who each hold sway over a different aspect of existence, like light or death. Now you will travel beyond every door, each uniquely rendered to reflect the qualities of the god's individual dominion. To succeed, you need to convince each of the gods that you are "the closer of ways," defeat the creatures of Chaos outside of each doorway (using a series of artifacts acquired from the gods) and close each of the doors (by solving a physical puzzle). Your final goal: save earth from the gods' wrath and release the power of creation locked inside the Temple of Seti.

Play is totally non-linear and can be completed in any fashion. Certain artifacts are more effective against certain types of Chaos creatures than others and all the "clues" needed to answer the gods are contained inside the tomb itself.

* Unique blending of action and puzzles  
* Each god's domain is modeled to reflect a radically different style  
* Single player/multiplayer modes  
* Easily portable to multiple platforms  
* Excellent candidate for Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn  

 Action/Puzzle Game 

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