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The Decending Armies of Light

The Descending Armies of Light is an exploration of the user's inner self. You are confronted by an otherworldly being, an "angel" who asks you a series of highly personal questions--questions which make up the foundation of human existence. Your responses create a unique work of art that reflects how you feel about yourself, the world and life.

There are over a million possibilities for each finished piece, and the work of art can be saved to the user's computer. Previous users have commented on the sense of surprise and accomplishment they feel when their answers result in a personal work of art.

The product can easily be expanded to encompass different areas of spirituality, psychology or expression. New angels can be given a distinct appearance, tied to the realms that they inhabit. For instance, an Angel who focuses on personal relationships might create original musical works in response to the player's answers.

* A computer "parlor game"  
* Taps into popular "New Age" interests  
* Designed for one or multiple players  
* Excellent series potential  
* Prototype available (Online and Floppy)  

 Online Game 

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