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The Banyon Tree

The Banyon Tree is a new kind of soap opera: a chat-based, episodic soap that combines the entertainment value and addictive appeal of a prime-time television show with the social interaction found in on-line chat rooms. The Banyon Tree will be an entirely new experience for on-line "chatters," offering the opportunity to role-play inside a well-produced story environment with dynamic situations, interesting characters, and complete freedom inside their roles.

The Banyon Tree is "broadcast" using an hourly format, complete with commercial breaks. The Banyon family pursue their careers, family and lives, providing drama, professional intrigue and a varied set of characters and locations. Players assume the role of any character in the show, seeking goals and interacting with other players. The chat experience is set against a background of multimedia storytelling that provides dept h and context for the story. Players can explore the characters, locations and story elements "backstage" prior to the start of each chat game, as well as accessing details from past episodes.

* Product placement and sponsorships provide a wealth of marketing opportunities  
* Designed for up to 24 players  
* Unique online deployment  

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