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Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest is a psychological thriller, an interactive novel about homelessness, insanity, the supernatural and serial murder. Told from multiple points of view, the reader can experience first-hand the perspectives of the killer, the victims, and the other characters in this chilling tale. Using HyperBole Studios' proven technique of mixing graphics, sound, music and text, the story is brought vividly to life through the viewpoints of various characters, each telling their unique side of the narrative. Not until the reader finishes each chapter, visiting all the material, will a complete picture emerge. Depending on the order they see things, readers will arrive at different understandings, with events illuminated for them in various ways. Many features of Dark Harvest will be driven by a series of probability algorithms, which will cause the story to alter itself in response to each individual player.

* Features voice-over, digital painting, animation, QuickTime video and immersive, explorable environments  
* Up to eighteen character viewpoints in each chapter  
* Ideal for online serialization  

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