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Through Their Eyes

Through Their Eyes is a family game that allows players to explore a virtual ecosphere, playing the part of the creatures who inhabitant it; hunter and hunted, predator or prey. Through Their Eyes has terrific series potential and is an ideal candidate to tap the power of next-generation platforms.

Through Their Eyes will immerse the player in the environment, allowing them to experience the dynamics of nature from the inside. Each title will include dozens of creatures to choose from. The viewer can experience the entire life cycle of an animal, or jump from creature to creature as they experience its intelligence, feeding, playing, mating and strategies for survival.

The user interacts constantly with the ecosphere. The virtual world gives the user absolute control in a 360° navigable environment using real-time display. The animation will be state-of-the-art, giving the user the most realistic experience possible in 32-bit technology.

* Single and multi-player design  
* Excellent candidate for Sony Playstation, Sega Saturn or Nintendo 64  
* Opportunity for on-line component  
* Excellent series potential  

 Family Entertainment 

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