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Red Note Blue Note

In Red Note, Blue Note, the reader experiences an interactive online story as a woman involved with two musicians, each of whom appeals to her in a different way. Emotional, intelligent, lyrical, sexy and mysterious, this story will be aimed directly at the growing but underserved market of female web surfers and computer users.

As Jana, you fall in love with both Simon Montgomery and Jack Elliott. Each man is a master musician in his own right -- Simon is a saxophone player in a jazz band, and Jack is a rock musician. You follow Jana's experiences with both lovers, as you are drawn first to one man and then the other. The feel of this story is very modern, with a romantic, Red Shoes Diary slant. As you go through the story, which changes through your actions, you will be accompanied by a soundtrack that is part mellow jazz, part hot rock and roll. The rich, deep narrative will draw women to participate in a story that understands how they feel, while letting them engage in a fantasy relationship with two exciting men, each good for her in a different way. No matter which mate she leans towards, the narrative will adjust itself accordingly to create the proper tension in response to her choices.

* Product placement and sponsorships provide a wealth of marketing opportunities  
* Ideal for online deployment  
* Targeted at a growing market segment  

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