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Weekend Adventures

Weekend Adventures is an exciting new kind of intimate online entertainment. It's designed for two players and will appeal to the legions of "chatters" who are looking to take their online interactions to the next level.

Each game puts two live people in a scenario populated by VirtualCinema© SynThespian characters, and encourages them to work together to solve a problem or mystery. They can maintain constant conversation with each other, while simultaneously exploring the fictional world, solving puzzles or interacting with characters. A combination of text and graphics (graphics can be turned off at the user's discretion) create an immersive environment where the couple can enjoy themselves, get to know each other better, and chat without running out of things to say. Suggested adventures include a haunted mansion weekend interrupted by a hurricane, a modern day pirate hijacking in the Caribbean, and a jewel theft in a Swiss chalet. Lends itself to any number of scenarios, including historical period pieces such as the French Revolution or Ancient Rome.

* Excellent replayability  
* Intimate, chat-based two player experience  
* Ideal for online deployment  
* Product placement and sponsorships provide a wealth of marketing opportunities  

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