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Virtual Cinema

VirtualCinema® is a fast, robust, multi-platform, multimedia game engine. This tool offers a wide variety of graphic effects, graphic animation, color cursors, and intelligent hot spots in video streams. VirtualCinema is available for MacOS and Windows 95 (code optimized for MMX), and is portable to set-top boxes. VirtualCinema is patented and protected by service marks and trademarks.

At its core, VirtualCinema is a proprietary software playback engine that was originally designed for interactive movies, allowing the player to experience the movie through the central character. Now the high-performance engine is integrated with a production methodology designed around it, a seamless interface design, and a layered narrative structure. Together, they create an intuitive and immersive user-controlled "storyworld" that is equally at home in a small presentation or a full-blown commercial title, as a standard for creating both games and interactive movies.

VirtualCinema has two feature-length interactive titles to its credit. Now in its third generation, with full-screen video, VirtualCinema is being deployed in The X-Files CD-ROM Adventure. In its fourth year of commercial use, VirtualCinema has demonstrated its flexibility as a development environment and its reliability as a delivery mechanism, offering easy installation, strong inter-operability and minimal need for technical support.

Currently licensing for:

* Game titles with either video or 3-D  
* Interactive movies  
* Corporate applications  
* Computer-based training  



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