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Comedy and Carnage in All New VirtualCinema Movie on CD-ROM

Seattle -- HyperBole Studios puts you in the driver's seat of a dark yet irresistibly funny interactive road movie -- 10 State Spree -- in an all new VirtualCinema multimedia title on CD-ROM. You are armed with two weapons -- a handgun and biting satire -- for a trip you'll never forget.
Check out a sample movie clip from Ten State Spree
Greg Roach, Artistic Director and CEO of HyperBole Studios, responds to frequently asked questions about the gun-toting comedy with attitude.

What is 10 State Spree?

"10 State Spree is an interactive action adventure movie. It is where Pulp Fiction and Raising Arizona meet -- with you in the middle, calling the shots. You've just escaped from prison, flanked by a pair of dimwitted convicts and a girlfriend named Honeybunch. You've got a map marked with the locations of every bank, all-night convenience store, liquor store and girls' school in one hand -- a pump shotgun and box of shells in the other."

"On a journey from Florida to New Mexico, you can turn any stop into a crime scene with the kinds of violence that dominate today's headlines If you decide to go over the top, there will be a reaction to every pull of the trigger."

10 State Spree features:

  • Human Fulfillment -- Drug use is unlimited. The more you take, the weirder the ride gets.
  • Meaningful Self Expression -- You can shoot any character you encounter.
  • Enlightenment -- You earn a Karma score that effects you in this life and the next.
  • Diversity and Social Issues -- Hate speech, gay bashing, misogyny and the fight over abortion rights portrayed in sensitive 16-bit color.
  • Law and Order -- Your misdeeds are tracked and you serve hard time for armed crime.
  • An Honest Day's Living -- You are so good for business that the NRA offers you a corporate sponsorship.

Why 10 State Spree?

"10 State Spree is a satirical look at the current American landscape. We want to knock some sense into senseless violence."
"The film is asking some really big questions about interpersonal violence with handguns. How do you act with a gun in your hand?"
"Someone has to tackle these issues head on without preaching ... but without flinching."

Who decides how violent 10 State Spree gets?

"We put that decision squarely in the hands of a viewer. You make the choices. You deal with the consequences."

How does 10 State Spree give the viewer control over violence?

"HyperBole is building in three safeguards, including two technological fixes. We're designing into the title a parental lockout or password feature. We're also building in a "gore" toggle - which when tripped, causes the film to edit itself differently and eliminates any direct depiction of violence. Finally, there's the humor. The satirical aspect will make it plain what's going on."

How does it compare to an interactive movie shown in a theater?

"The beauty of VirtualCinema is that you alone decide when and where -- even if -- you use the gun. It is a interactive movie for the individual -- there's no voting, no tyranny of the majority."

"Plus, there's no squinting. The new generation of VirtualCinema boasts full motion, full screen video with unprecedented interactivity."

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