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It's time to dust off classics, collectibles and one of a kind works from Uncle Paul's old trunk of interactive junk.

Billboard Vigilante Billboard Vigilante: The Shockwave version! (1.4 MB....and worth the download!) Here's a piece we did about the war on smoking. Check out this wickedly funny look at what happens when a smart teen-ager with a good math brain decides to get even.
Descending Armies of Light The Descending Armies of Light: The Shockwave version! (1.4 MB) One of the most popular pieces ever featured in HyperBole Magazine, The Descending Armies of Light is a kind of Rorschach test for your soul. After being confronted by a "spidery glass angel" and asked some very personal questions, your answers are used to synthesize a symbolic, abstracted painting. Be careful how you answer the questions about murder. Also available as a downloadable: (PC or Macintosh about 2.5 megs)
HyperBole Magazine HyperBole Magazine: The original HyperBole Magazine, created in Hypercard. This ground-breaking, award-winning product is where some of HyperBole's many stories and CD-Roms got their start. Check out the archive of back issues, including the adventures of the knight Roland, the hurricane that destroyed Galveston In the Breach of Centuries, and the bad attitude of Billboard Vigilante. Three years worth of issues (dating from 1990) free for the downloading!
Toolbox The Toolbox: Take a look in the toolbox, for all the web technologies you'll need to properly view HyperBole Online!
Christmas Lost / Christmas Found Christmas Lost / Christmas Found: Developed for our friends at New Scientist Magazine, this lyrical look at family ties is told through the experiences of two little girls, separated by a century and bound together by a special book.
Garden The Garden: An explorable aesthetic space. Sorry, no puzzles here. Just philosophy, poetry and the occasional Zen koan, all wrapped in a charming little oriental garden.
Tony's Conoco Tony's Conoco: Created by Greg Roach at the first digital storytelling festival, it tells the fictional story of a real place: examining memory, regret, love, the art of living and the prospect of dying.
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