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Not Enough Colors/Screwy Colors fix

HyperBole Studios' require that you use a video driver capable of displaying at least 256 colors on screen. However, most PC computers come with a 16 color VGA driver installed. The following steps will take you through installing generic Microsoft Super VGA drivers which allow 256 color displays. You may want to use drivers designed to be used by your video card instead. Contarct your video card manufacturer for more information on that option.

  1. Start Windows Setup
    1. In the Program Manager, open the MAIN group
    2. Double-click on the Windows Setup icon
  2. Install Super VGA drivers
    1. Click on OPTIONS, then choose CHANGE SYSTEM SETTINGS
    2. Scroll through the list until you find the SuperVGA drivers
    3. Choose SuperVGA 640x480x256. If this driver is not listed, choose OTHER (REQUIRES OEM DISK)
    4. Press OK
    5. If the Setup Program prompts you for a Windows disk, insert it and press continue. If the Setup Program prompts you for a "DISK CONTAINING UNLISTED DRIVER," insert the disk containing the SVGA drivers you've downloaded
    6. Restart Windows when propted

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