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You get a Floating Point Error when starting Quantum Gate

The problem here is that you have multiple versions of QuickTime for Windows installed on your system. Your program is trying to use bits and peices of these files and is getting confused. The following steps will fix it so that there is only one version on QuickTime on your system for all your programs to use.

  1. Start the File Manager
    1. In the Program Manager select the File pull down menu
    2. In the command line, type WINFILE and press enter
  2. Maneuver to the QTW/BIN directory on the Quantum Gate CD
    1. Once in the File Manager, choose DISK from the pull down menus, and then SELECT DRIVE
    2. Double-click on your CD-ROM drive letter
    3. In the left window, double-click on the QTW directory and then on the BIN directory
  3. Copy all 23 files to the WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory
    1. IN the right window, click on the first file to select it.
    2. while holding down the SHIFT key, click on the last file. All the files should now be highlighted
    3. Select FILE from the top menu, and then choose COPY
    4. In the TO box, type in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and press return
    5. If prompted to overwrite a file, say YES TO ALL

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