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The probem stems from the fact that Quantum Gate uses MSVideo 1.0 but you have 1.1 installed on your system. The following steps will copy the 1.0 MSVideo from the Quantum Gate CD-ROM onto your harddrive and make Quantum Gate use MSVideo 1.0 instead of 1.1.

  1. Copy MSVIDEO.DLL from the Quantum Gate CD-ROM (in the directory WINVIDEO) to the QGATE directory on your harddrive (usally C:\QGATE)
    1. In the Program Manager, select FILE from the top menus and then RUN
    2. In the command line, type WINFILE and press enter
    3. Once in the File Manager, choose DISK, and then SELECT DRIVE
    4. Double-click on your CD-ROM drive letter
    5. In the left window, double-click on the WINVIDEO directory
    6. In the right window, click on the MSVIDEO.DLL to select it
    7. Select FILE from the top menus, and then choose COPY
    8. In the TO box, type in the Quantum Gate directory on your harddrive (usally C:\QGATE). Press Return.
    9. If prompted to overwirte a file, allow it
    10. Quit the File Manager (choose FILE, and then EXIT)
  2. Change the WORKING DIRECTORY of the QGATE icon's properties from the CD-ROM to the QGATE directory on the harddrive
    1. Open the MEDIA VISION Group
    2. Single-click on the Quantum Gate icon
    3. Select FILE from the top menu, then choose PROPERTIES
    4. Erase the contents of the WORKING DIRECTORY line and type in the location of the Quantum Gate directory on your harddrive (as you typed it in FILE MANAGER, Step 1-8)
    5. Choose OK
  3. When QGATE starts, enter drive letter for CD-ROM drive (example: D:)
    1. Start Quantum Gate by double clicking on the icon
    2. When propted to "Insert location of Quantum Gate disk," erase the contents of the line and type in your CD-ROM drive letter (exaple: D:) and press RETURN

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