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Windows won't start fix

Quantum Gate, in an attempt to update your autoexec.bat, accidentally erased your PATH statement, thereby making your computer lose track of where Windows is. The following steps will restablish your PATH to its previous setting and then update it properly.
  1. Replace the current AUTOEXEC.BAT with the backup - AUTOEXEC.QGT
    Type the following commands from the DOS prompt (note: dos is case insesitive, so don't worry about upper and lower case):

    rename autoexec.bat autoexec.bad
    rename autoexec.qgt autoexec.bat

  2. Add the Wuicktime directory (usally C:\QTW\BIN) to your PATH statemant
    Type the following commands from the DOS prompt:

    cd \dos
    edit c:\autoexec.bat

    You should now have the contsnts of the AUTOEXEC.BAT on the screen.
    1. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to the PATH statemant
    2. Move your cursor to the end of the PATH line and add the following: ;C:\QTW\BIN
    3. Continue scrolling down the AUTOEXEC.BAT, looking for other PATH lines. If you find them, repeat step 2 with them
    4. Press ALT, Up Arrow, Up Arrow, Enter, Enter. This will save your changes and exit to the DOS prompt.
  3. Restart your machine

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