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Using QuickTime 2.x with Windows '95 / '98

Quantum Gate 1.2, The Vortex, and The Madness of Roland ship with QuickTime version 1.1. You may use QuickTime 2.x instead by following the directions below. These directions assume that QuickTime 2.x is already installed on your system. If QuickTime 2.x is not installed on your system, it can be downloaded from:
Make sure you download the "Windows 3. Version" as this is the version required by the products above (even if you are running Windows'95 or Windows '98.)

For Quantum Gate 1.2:

  1. Use a text editor such as Notepad to open the file QGATE.INI. QGATE.INI can be found in your Windows '95/'98 directory, which is usually C:\WINDOWS\QGATE.INI. Change the line "NoQTPreload=0" to "NoQTPreload=1" and save your changes. Exit the text editor program.

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. Run the QuickTime for Windows MoviePlayer program. To do this, press the Windows '95/'98 Start button and select the "Programs" menu. If QuickTime 2.x has been installed on your system, you should see a "QuickTime for Windows" menu item. Select the "Qu ickTime for Windows" menu item, then "MoviePlayer" (if you have a choice between "MoviePlayer" and "MoviePlayer 32-bit," make sure you select "MoviePlayer").

  4. Once the QuickTime MoviePlayer has launched, ignore it and then start Quantum Gate. Every time you start Quantum Gate in the future, you will need to run MoviePlayer first.
For The Vortex:
  1. Open your WIN.INI file (press Start, choose Run, and type in "SysEdit"). In the WIN.INI file, find the [Vortex] section. Change "NoQTPreload=0" to "NoQTPreload=1" and save the changes. Exit the SysEdit program.

  2. Restart your computer and run The Vortex.
For The Madness of Roland:
  1. Right-click on "The Madness of Roland" icon in your "The Madness of Roland" program group. Select "Properties" from the drop down menu. Click the "Shortcut" tab. Change "Target" from C:\ROLAND\ROLAND.EXE to C:\ROLAND\ROLGUTS.EXE (if you installed Roland to somewhere other than C:\ROLAND, precede ROLGUTS.EXE with the appropriate path). Click the OK button.

  2. Restart your computer.

  3. Delete the following files from the Roland directory on your hard drive: MCIQTENU.DLL, MCIQTW.DRV, PLAYENU.DLL, PLAYFRA.DLL, QTHNDLR.DLL, QTIM.DLL, QTIMCMGR.DLL, QTNOTIFY.EXE, QTOLE.DLL, QTVHDW.DLL, VIEWENU.DLL, VIEWFRA.DLL, and all files that end in ".QTC."

  4. The Madness of Roland should now be setup to use QuickTime 2.x.

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