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Using QuickTime 3.x with HyperBole Products

QuickTime 3.0 is required to run The X-Files Game.  Quantum Gate, The Vortex, and The Madness of Roland, however, will not use QuickTime 3.0 even if it is installed. These products were all made with the 16-bit version (sometimes referred to as the Win 3.1 version) of QuickTime and require the 16-bit version to be installed even when running on Windows '95 or Windows '98. QuickTime 2.x and below are the only versions that come with 16-bit/Win 3.1 support.

If you wish to install QuickTime 3.0 on your system for use with other games, Quantum Gate, The Vortex, and The Madness of Roland will have no problem with this. The 16-bit version of QuickTime found in QuickTime 2.x and below can safely co-exist with QuickTime 3.0.

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