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QuickTime Initialize failure fix

Quantum Gate did not properly set up its QuickTime files, probably because there was another version of QuickTime already on the system. The following steps complete the Quicktime installation.

  1. Open your SYSTEM.INI file
    1. In the Program Manager, select FILE from the top menus then RUN
    2. In the command line, tyep SYSEDIT and press enter
    3. In System Configuration Manager, go to WINDOW, and select C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI
  2. Add QTWVIDEO=mciqtw.drv to your MCI section
    1. Choose SEARCH from the top menus and then choose FIND
    2. In the find line, type in [mci] and click Next
    3. Use the scroll bar to scroll down and view the entire [mci] section
    4. After the last line of the section, add a new line:
    5. Choose File, EXIT, and click on YES when asked to save changes.
  3. Copy the MCIQTW.DRV from the CD-ROM (directory QTW\BIN) to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory
    1. In Program Manager, select FIle form the top menus then RUN
    2. In the command line, type WINFILE and press enter
    3. Once in the File Manager, choose DISK, and then SELECT DRIVE
    4. Double-click on your CD-ROM drive letter
    5. In the left window, double-click on the QTW directory, and then the BIN directory
    6. In the right windows click on the MCIQTW.DRV to select it
    7. Select FILE form the top menus, and then choose COPY
    8. In the TO box, type in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. Press return
    9. If promted to overwrite, allow it
    10. Quit the File Manager (Choose FILE, and then EXIT)

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