There are three "parts" or "layers" to this story: Elizabeth (set in 1915), Leslie (set in 1995) and "The Twelve Days of Christmas" (set in both). In addition the story is being serialized, so you can only get parts of it (until, of course, the serialization is complete).

From the Table of Contents page you can immediately jump to any of the layers for a given date - just click on one of the icons beneath the date in question.

Clicking on the title at the top of each page will return you to the table of contents.

At the bottom of each page text appears which will allow you to jump to another section, read the credits, exit back to New Scientist or (using the pointing hands) move from day-to-day in each character's story.

You can click on each of illustrations which appears in the story to see a full screen close-up of the artwork. After you've finished viewing the illustration just use your browser's "back" button to return to the previous page.

Clicking on the illustrations in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will take you to a relevant story from back issues of New Scientist magazine.

Finally, any mention of HyperBole or New Scientist will take you (or return you) to the first page of their respective Web sites.


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