I owe a huge nod of thanks to to all the people who have made the Digital Storytelling Festival a reality: Dana Atchley, Harry Marks, Denise Aungst, Joe Lambert, Ralph Rogers from Apple and Chip Woerner from Radius (and many others). This has been a phenomenal opportunity for both the participants and the digital community at large. In an interactive landscape that is becoming increasingly "product" driven and whose future is, alarmingly, determined by the forces of corporate media and entertainment, this festival is a critically needed.

One of the questions which has dogged me for years now is: What is it that we want this new medium to become? The Digital Storytelling Festival gives us, the artists, the opportunity to answer that question in relative peace and introspection.

And of course, thanks to Tony and Martha, for the spark.

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This story was created at the 1st Annual Digital Storytelling Festival
©1995 by Greg Roach