I been here the better part of 50 years.

This old store's kinda like a sweater, you know? A favorite old sweater. Just feels good to get up in the morning and put it on.

I bought this place for $500 in 1947. You believe that? $500. Some guy comes through a coupla years ago offered me $200,000 dollars. You believe that? $200,000.

Martha and I we just laughed and laughed. I asked him, "what the hell am I gonna do with all that bunch of money? At my age?"

He goes, "You could retire. You could leave it to your family."

Martha got after him with the broom.

Anyway -- look at this town now. Things aren't like they used to be.

I guess that's true of most things, this old store included. I used to keep this place stuffed to the gills with every part and pin a person might need: rotor blades, spark plugs, harness, tack, sweet jimson seed. Not any more though. Things here have changed, too.

Anyway, I need to go and sit. You make yourselves at home. Feel free to look around.

We got the world's largest elk's head back there.

And a lot of people seem to be real taken with my stove, so if you want a picture, feel free.

Do me a favor though, stay clear of the safe.

Just ring the bell when you're ready to leave.

This story was created at the 1st Annual Digital Storytelling Festival
©1995 by Greg Roach