Isn't that a beauty?

They do not make these anymore.

I bought that in Denver in 1949 for $75. Our first two winters here was just too hard and '49 was shaping up to be a real beauty. Jenny talked me into it. She had a woman friend in her quilting circle whose brother was a salesman who got it for us at cost. Took three mules and a flatbed Ford to get up here.

Billy Williams crushed his thumb getting it into the place. I felt real bad about that. Spent a few weeks helpin' him get his crops in to make up for it.

When that thing is going full tilt -- as a friend of mine says, "it puts out some serious BTUs (I didn't know what a BTU was) -- it heats up all cherry red. Nothin' better than comin in outta three feet of snow before the sun come up and sidling up next to it.

The grandkids used to love to roast marshmallows in the open door.

Some Hollywood fellas came through town once, making a movie, and they wanted to "rent" it for their picture show. Problem was, they wanted to move it.

I told em, "No sir. Not interested."

Jenny and Martha was so mad. You ask Martha about it -- she still gets mad.

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This story was created at the 1st Annual Digital Storytelling Festival
©1995 by Greg Roach