That's a beauty, too, isn't it? I thought gettin' that stove in here was a pain.

They sent a man up here with it, so nobody got hurt, but it was a bear anyway you look at it.

I never thought I'd need something like this, way the hell up here, but sure enough, I got robbed.

Sons of bitches. Come into my store, putting a gun in my face. They caught 'em. Both of 'em spent 10 years in the can. I'm just glad that Jenny wasn't in the store.

Her aunt had died and she and the little ones had gone to stay with the family for a few days. I carried a little pistol for a while.

Seems like, for a while there, I just kept adding metal to my life.

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This story was created at the 1st Annual Digital Storytelling Festival
©1995 by Greg Roach