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Digital video from an anti-impeachment protest. Recorded by Derex Dexheimer.

In the days before the House impeachment vote on December 16, 1998, two groups opposed to impeachment of the President organized a nationwide day of protest. People for the American Way and moveon.org coordinated public demonstrations in several major cities, including Seattle.

The Seattle protest took place at Westlake Center, a major shopping and entertainment area downtown. Hastily organized by email only a few hours before, the protest attracted mostly those who opposed impeachment, giving them an opportunity to wave anti-impeachment signs and banners, listen to speakers, and sign petitions. People in favor of impeachment made a vocal protest of their own. A few others (such as Larouche supporters and anti-abortion activists) used the spectacle to attract attention. Various estimates place the total number of protestors at about 2,000.

Reporters from local TV and radio stations interviewed protestors from both camps. Unfortunately, due to the renewed bombing in Iraq that began soon after, the Seattle protest received very little local media coverage.

The three clips featured here show the size and scope of the protest, as well as some of the more vocal individuals. To clarify what's going on in the "megaphone" clip, be aware that the man with the megaphone is an anti-impeachment protestor, and the man in the grey coat supports impeachment. The initial offscreen voice toward the end of the clip is of a Seattle police officer (you can see him on the right).

The clips are a small selection of the footage shot by our resident video editor, Derek Dexheimer. It's worth pointing out too that these clips prove it's not always raining in Seattle.

  Impeach Clinton - (2.6 mb)

  Megaphone Argument Features the Seattle Police Department - (15.8 mb)

  No New Republicans - (3.3 mb)

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