HyperBole Studios invites you to submit work to be featured on the World Wide Web in HyperBole's Gallery of Storytelling Through Visual Art. HyperBole Studios, a creator of world-class interactive entertainment, was founded in 1990 by Greg Roach, one of the country's leading interactive designers. HyperBole explores interactive media as a new creative form, developing intelligent, story-driven multimedia and online entertainment.

The Gallery of Storytelling Through Visual Art is one of several art-related features available for exploration and viewing on HyperBole Studios' web site. HyperBole offers artists the opportunity to have a show online open to viewing by millions of people worldwide and we give you complete control of selling your work. Why? HyperBole is not in the art brokerage business, but rather, is committed to creating a compelling and artistic environment on the World Wide Web for viewers to explore.

There is no application fee to the artist. If your work is selected for an upcoming monthly show, there will be a service charge of $30.00 to install your work. At that time you have the option of including an additional $30.00 if you would like your show to remain up all year in our online catalogue of past monthly shows.

To apply, please abide by and include the following:

  1. Open to work of all mediums, up to ten pieces per artist.
    1. Professional quality photographic prints of work.
    2. Digital work must be in either JPEG of GIF format.

  2. A list of the artwork, including title, size, medium, and price if you would like to sell your work. Please correspond this list numerically to photos.

  3. Artist Statement/Bio and personal info if you would like to be contacted by potential buyers who view your work online.

  4. A Postage-paid, self-addressed envelope, if you would like your application materials returned. HyperBole will make every attempt to return your envelope safely, but is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

  5. Please send your application to: HyperBole Studios, ATTN. C. Blackmore, 2225 Fourth Avenue, Second Floor, Seattle, WA, 98121.

Copyright 1996 HyperBole Studios