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They're just a little bit crazy, but we love them anyway.

Greg Roach
CEO, Artistic Director
Greg Roach, M.F.A., is the CEO and Artistic Director of HyperBole Studios, which he founded in 1990. Considered a multimedia pioneer, Greg wrote and designed The Madness of Roland, the world's first original interactive multimedia novel. As a filmmaker, Greg created the world's first narrative interactive film, The Wrong Side of Town, the Best of Show winner at the first QuickTime Film Festival. Since then, his interactive movies have garnered more than a dozen awards around the world. He also created VirtualCinema®, which is both an engine and a narrative approach to interactive movies. This technology served as the foundation for Quantum Gate and The Vortex, HyperBole's most recent releases, and is now the cornerstone of HyperBole's titles. Greg is currently in development on The X-Files CD-ROM Adventure, for Fox Interactive, as well as several on-line projects. He has been a featured speaker at many conferences and trade shows, including New York Women in Film, Comdex, E3, and the American Chamber of Commerce in London. In addition, he is a member of the guest faculty at San Francisco State University.

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