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Hyperbole (hi-pur'be-le) n. An exaggeration or overstatement intended to produce an effect without being taken literally.

The Madness of Roland

The World's First Interactive Multimedia Novel Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Books.

Based on the legend of the Paladin Roland, a knight in the service of Charlemagne, the story is told from multiple points of view, which you can move among at will. Each character tells their own, often contradictory, versions of the story. Roland uses text, digital color paintings, animation, Quicktime video, professional "radio theater" narration, hypertextual links and complete original soundtrack to transport you to the world of Charlemagne's France.


"...you can't afford not to get The Madness of Roland...This is an imaginative use of hypertext and QuickTime...Roach's presentation is genuinely fun and is a real live, no-question-about-it, work of art for multimedia."
Byte Magazine

"...probably the the best electronic book produced so far...innovative and engaging"
Computer Game Review

"...stunningly beautiful"
The New York Times Book Review

Player Testimonial:

Whenever I want to have a satisfying experience, I pull out an Hyperbole Studio product. I just finished "reading" THE MADNESS OF ROLAND for perhaps the third or fourth time, and wanted to congratulate both Greg and you (since your name appears on EVERYTHING that Hyperbole produces!) for putting out some FINE products.

I enjoy shooter games (Descent, Unreal and the like), good adventures (Might & Magic et. al.) but when it comes to a satisfying and THOUGHT-PROVOKING experience, there's nothing quite like Hyperbole Studio Products.

Thanks again for your fine work. ...and now, off to another round of Quantum Gate and Vortex!


System Requirements



386DX 30 MHZ or better running Windows 3.1 68020 or better processor running System 7.1

4 MB RAM or better

3.5 MB of free RAM or better

1.5 MB of Hard Disk Space

1 MB of Hard Disk Space

640 x 480 x 256 (65,536 recommended)

12" monitor

CD-ROM drive

Get a taste of Roland, serialized for your pleasure over in Breakfast Serial!

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