OVERVIEW: Hammond Rye is an over-the-top parody of (and homage to) the great sci-fi adventure serials of yore. Updated for the savvy 21st century, Hammond Rye, Space Hero! has terrific mass-market appeal.

The series follows the adventures of Hammond Rye, a two-fisted hero in the mold of Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Captain Kirk. He is joined by rocket scientist Dr. Gene Splicer and the sultry Lotta Gams. As the crew of the rocketship, The Mutton Chop, Hammond and company fight the aggressions of the evil Emperor Schwing, the Intergalactic Hot Wing King - a crafty, poultry-obsessed villain (and fast-food magnate). Created in Flash™, using classical character animation techniques in the Looney Toons™ mold, this series will appeal to the same people who watch Johnny Bravo˘, Powerpuff Girls™ and Dexter's Laboratory™, crossing over to lovers of science fiction (especially retro sci-fi and classic serials). Hammond Rye also has great licensing and merchandising potential, and is designed for audiences of all ages.

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