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The Lumiere Festival is dedicated to the belief that interactive art and entertainment has a huge creative and expressive potential beyond what is currently explored in the moribund genre of computer and video games.

To this end Lumiere serves as platform to stimulate discussion and a showcase for innovative work, creating a forum where important works are brought before a larger constituency.

Perhaps the biggest challenge in developing this event was determining a definition of "interactive film". With that in mind, part of the draw for interactive media creators to participate is the opportunity to actively pursue the definition of "interactive film or story" in an organized forum. Simultaneously, interactive works are showcased to help introduce this media to the world.

The primary target for the The Lumiere Festival is any creative individual in the interactive world. While a more public audience is an important part of the actual festival, Lumiere focuses on the creative community. This establishes a credible forum worldwide to attract artists exploring interactivity as art, business, or entertainment.

The Lumiere Interactive Film Festival features:

  • An opportunity for creators of all levels to showcase their work, nurture the evolution of interactive film, and encourage growth within the industry.

  • Introduces interactive storytelling/film projects to all related digital and creative industries as well as the public.

  • Entertain and amaze the participants.

  • Increase the overall awareness of the genre.
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