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Boy tells the story of a young woman searching for her childhood, an encounter which both portrays and reproduces the uncertainty of memory.

Cereal presents the viewer with a group of characters who live in an old apartment building where a series of murders have taken place. The viewer is allowed to follow a set of interrelated narratives from each of the char acters' points of view.

Chronic Art is an ongoing project of Zakros InterArts showcasing digital artists and composers working in the digital medium.

The Creation of Change was a collaboration graduation project among three faculties: fashion design, interaction design and graphic design.

Hypnagogue is an interactive CD-ROM that combines the paintings and music of Perry Hall and the architectural work of Ed Keller into a digital labyrinth that collides painting, soundsculpture, digital architecture and non-linear narrative.

Hidden Motions is a interactive cinema project created for the 'exploding cinema' part of the Film Festival Rotterdam 1996.

justin is an extended web based autobiography and soul searching.

Madeleine's Mind is a six-part interactive animated series designed for the World Wide Web.

The Madness of Roland is an interactive, multimedia novel which was published both online and on CD-ROM.

Mixed Emotions is an interactive film in which the narrative structure was designed to engage the viewer even if he doesn't interact.

Sonata develops a conception of interactive narrative in which the viewer is able to modify a flowing stream of story.

The Wrong Side of Town is an interactive film which served as a prototype piece for a technique called perspective switching, which allows the viewer to watch the action filtered through the perceptions of each of the characters in the film.
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