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The Wrong Side of Town

by Greg Roach


Main point of view
The Wrong Side of Town is an interactive film which served as a prototype piece for a technique called perspective switching, which allows the viewer to watch the action filtered through the percepti ons of each of the characters in the film. The viewer clicks on characters and the movie then changes, in real time, to reflect how that character perceives of events. Every element in the scene is re-rendered according to that character's orientation to the action and other characters.
Waitress point of view
The structure is quite simple, really. There are a number of simultaneous tracks to the film, represe nting the main (or neutral) thread and each of the character's perception of events. The viewer navigates between these threads in real time. There is no interface other than the content of the frame itself. The content (actors) is the interface.
Waiter point of view
Philosophy: There is no absolute, quantifiable truth. Perception itself is truth. It is only by experiencing the "truth" (perceptions) of all the participants and observers associated with an event that we can even begin to arrive at any real understanding.
Greg Roach
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