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10 State Spree

10 State Spree is a white-knuckle look at the growing weirdness of post-modern America -- an interactive cross between Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers and Raising Arizona.

The interface is a map of the South, marked with every bank, sporting goods store, girls' school, convenience store and national guard armory. As Albert "Green" Baloolie, the anti-hero's hero, you escape from prison accompanied by two fellow convicts -- Justis and Plato -- and your girlfriend, Honeybunch. Your goal? Make it from Florida to Mexico without attracting too much attention. Unfortunately, the police, Latino gangs, Jamaican triads, gun-toting militia members, abortion rights activists, aliens, postal workers, and a representative from the NRA all stand in your way.

Get to Baja, where your father's legacy, the ill-gotten gains of his last heist, lies buried. Can you do it without shooting anyone?? Will you be hailed as a vigilante hero or hunted down like a dog? Whatever you do, stay away from the Krusty Kreem donut shop -- guys like you don't come out of there alive.

* Integrates strategy-style gameplay with adventure and action  
* "Gore" toggle addresses multiple audiences  
* Unique approach to animated environments combined with 2-D animated characters  
* Characters pursue independent goals; loyalty changes in response to player choice and effects character behavior  
* Features the latest generation VirtualCinema® technology, the patented engine used in The X-Files CD-ROM Adventure  
* Single player, multiplayer combat mode, internet component  
* PC, Mac, Playstation  

 Action Adventure Game 


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