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Welcome to Assignment, a gritty, hard-hitting adventure. Experience the game through the eyes and mind of Jason West, a photo-journalist who works for the Washington Tribune. You've been losing your edge, and your editor sends you on a "last chance" assignment: cover a violent coup occurring in a tiny South American country. Send back daily reports and pictures. Try to stay alive. Snap the right frame of film and you can win a Pulitzer. Fail and you'll end up working for the Enquirer.

As you penetrate deeper into the country, you realize that the idealistic "worker's coup" presented to the world is, in fact, a scam. Malignant forces are at work behind the scenes -- orchestrating events and manipulating world opinion. You must discover the real identity of the "puppet master" who is willing to topple governments and commit mass murder to further his own ends.

If you can successfully document your findings and get the information out of the country, you might be able to salvage your career and break the story of the decade. If not, you'll come home in a body bag.

* Fend off rival reporters, CIA spooks, and an old flame  
* Uncover the story of a miracle drug that has been discovered in the jungle  
* Single player immersion in a live-action interactive world  
* On-line/Internet component  
* Features the latest generation VirtualCinema technology, the patented engine used in The X-Files CD-ROM Adventure  

 VirtualCinema Adventure Game 

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