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RockCopter is the world's first 3-D rock n' roll scavenger hunt combat simulator trivia game -- a series of rock videos that have been turned into navigable 3-D environments you explore via helicopter. Best of all, no matter which way you fly, where you go or how you play, the "world" keeps pace with changes in the music! When the guitar solo starts, the sky changes from blue to purple. Birds fly in time with a melody, changing from geese to cranes when you shoot them.

Find the singer or band members trapped in each video, who are hidden somewhere inside the scene. But you and the band are being chased, by record agents who want to force the group into signing a lousy record deal, televangelists concerned with backwards masking, and anti-rock watchdog groups. You have to rescue each of the band members!

Defend yourself with power chords, hi-hats, and wah-wah pedals, while collecting memorabilia and hunting the elusive superstars of rock history. When you shoot things they transform into objects you'll need later in the game. If you shoot a flower, it turns into a guitar pick. Shoot a candelabra, it becomes a guitar. Give the guitar and the pick to Eddie Van Halen and he'll play a riff that can open the gate to the next song.

Each video is a different level, each increasingly harder and more rewarding. Blast your way through six different rock videos before landing in your final destination -- Graceland -- on the way to your ultimate goal -- Elvis!

* Uses the proprietary authoring/delivery environment TONE (Time-based Object-oriented Navigable Environments)  
* Excellent series potential  
* Excellent candidate for Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn  

 CD-ROM Game 

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