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TONE (Time-based Object-oriented Navigable Environments) is a proprietary software technology. Its features enable an artistic creator -- whether a record label, a movie studio, production company or individual artist -- to create interactive music in ways that were impossible until now. TONE is a new interactive entertainment environment where the user will be able to see the music and hear the visuals.

TONE is a radical new approach to music videos, an engine designed to create interactive, dimensional musical experiences. TONE is a toolbox for artists to create original 3-D interactive music videos -- changing environments which express the artist's vision, while responding to user input and maintaining the integrity of the music. It is a way for artists to use interactivity in much the same way that they now use video -- as an artistic and promotional adjunct to the music. TONE is also a game engine, and development is initially planned for implementation in RockCopter.

* Single and multi player immersion in a 3-D interactive world  
* Excellent candidate for Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn  
* Excellent licensing potential  

 Proprietary Technology 

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