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Shades of the West

As Shades of the West opens, you are wrongfully hung by a vengeful posse for a murder you didn't commit. You become a ghost, and must try to avenge your death, clear your name so your adored wife and child can inherit the land that is rightfully theirs, and bring the true criminals and the people who killed you to justice.

You can explore the town and its surroundings, including the shadowy place called "the in-between" where you go after death. As a ghost, you have several advantages over humans: you have other ghosts to interact with, you can go anywhere, fly through walls, inhabit animals (including your dog), and even inhabit people for brief periods, in order to get them to do things. Most of these activities require the use of energy. You are able to affect things in the physical realm through the accumulation and use of spiritual and psychic energies. These you "earn" through your exploration of the "in-between" and by grappling with the moral and karmic lessons from your life.

Eventually, you will need to understand your past, make peace with the present and change the future (by solving and revealing the crime) to drive the story to its happiest ending.

* Single player immersion in a live-action interactive world  
* Features the latest generation VirtualCinema® technology, the patented engine used in The X-Files CD-ROM Adventure  

 VirtualCinema Adventure Game 

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