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Here you can find HyperBole's favorite sites around the web and around the world.

Hanz Doppler's "You're not gonna friggin' believe this" Link of the Month!
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Hanz Doppler are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of HyperBole Studios , it' s management or staff. In fact, we believe Hanz to be a dangerous sociopath, and would refuse to publish his nonsensical ravings, were it not for those photos he claims to have.


If you can dream it, you can do it. Adobe.

Art on the net
Features the work of many different artists as well as virtual tours of their studios, etc.

Howard Rheingold's site on The Well. What can you say? He's the man.

Digital Storytelling Festival
This site, sponsored by The Net and Apple (among others) is the official repository for the Annual Digital Storytelling Festival site. Lots of great thought, writing and images.

Eastgate Systems
The bastion of insular, academic, hypertextual navel gazing. Eastgate are the folks who make StorySpace, a hypertext authoring system. Best thing about this site: Michael Joyce. Worst thing about this site: Robert Coover.

One of the many. Not bad, not great, better than most & right here in Seattle.

If gaming's your thing, the GamePen has what you want. Game news, reviews, sneak previews, and mondo links to other great game and entertainment sites.

The Hyper Garden
Dimensional poetry and art.

Jake Tilson's The COOKER
Jake Tilson is an artists who creates (among other things) original works for the web.

911 Media Arts Center
A helpful non-profit arts center supporting Independent film, video and new media artists with workshops, screeninges and events.

One of the most compelling and beautiful sites we've ever seen. As the name would suggest, the artists are creating their own myths and mythic structures then illustrating them with haunting, original artwork. Highly recommended.

New Albion Records
One of the last remaining "hand made" record labels in the world.

Probably the best of the bunch when it comes to online thought, journalism and design. Immensely readable and easy on the eyes.

Scrutiny in the Great Round
A very beautiful, very cool, very eclectic piece of digital art on CD-ROM. We think of this as "the one that got away."

We can't be the only software company with a Snapple powered programming department. Can we?

The Surfing Monkey
You have to see it to believe it. From "The Organ Grinder" to "Dead Man Talking" these guys know how to have fun. When you get there send e-mail to David Biedny and tell him we sent you.

If you can overlook the pseudo-philosophical bullshit, the site is kinda cool. You get to control a robotic arm, which tends a real world garden. Supposedly this was built to study the effects of media on the environment (as if)... But that idiocy aside, it is kinda fun...

The Utne Reader
One of the best magazines ever published brings its unique POV to the web. To bad Eric Utne's dedicated web-mag tanked.

The Voyager Company
The great white hope of interactive media, their importance should not be under estimated. We do wish they'd repurpose less, but all in all, they're one of our favorite competitors. Best thing about this site: Downloading the Expanded book version of Dead Man Walking for five bucks. The worst: Bob Stein.

Web del sol
A new web fiction site, Web del sol seems to feature some high quality fiction and poetry. They also seem to take themselves a little too seriously, but hey-we grew out of it.

ZoneZero takes it name from Ansel Adams' now famous "Zone system". Curated by Pedro Meyer (a gentleman we are proud to call friend) this site is dedicated to the work of photographers exploring the digital edge.

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