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Movie Playback is choppy

It has been reported that movies in Quantum Gate 1.2, The Vortex, or The Madness of Roland may play back "choppy" on some computers when running Windows '95/'98. If you are experiencing this problem, install the latest version of QuickTime and run a fix supplied on the Windows '95/'98 CD:
  1. Quantum Gate 1.2, The Vortex, and The Madness of Roland ship with QuickTime version 1.1. You may receive better playback performance if you use the latest version of QuickTime. QuickTime 2.x can be downloaded from Apple's website at:
    Make sure you download the 16-bit version of QuickTime (referred to as the "Windows 3.x Version" on the website). Both the 32-bit and 16-bit versions can exist on your system simultaneously, but the 16-bit version is required by the products above.

  2. Install QuickTime by running the install program that you downloaded.

  3. Insert your Windows '95/'98 CD. Select "Browse this CD" from the Windows '95 install screen.

  4. Open the directory \Drivers\Other\Qtwfix.

  5. Install the QuickTime fix by right-clicking on "Optimize.inf" and selecting "Install."

  6. Now follow the directions under "Using QuickTime 2.x on Windows '95 / '98" to complete the process.

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