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Floating Point Error during Day 3 in Quantum Gate

A Floating Point Error may occur on Day 3 after Drew has returned to his quarters. The information below only applies when you are getting a Floating Point Error on Day 3. If you are getting a Floating Point Error when starting Quantum Gate, please see "You get a Floating Point Error when starting Quantum Gate."

This error occurs because there is a file missing on the QGate CD. When QGate tries to load the missing file on most computers, it will simply skip past the file; however, on some computers, a Floating Point Error will occur. To get around the problem, a "dummy" file can be copied to the hard drive. When QGate attempts to load the missing file, it will instead find the dummy file on the hard drive and no Floating Point Error will occur:

  1. On your hard drive, there should be a QGate\Content directory. Open this directory. Within the Content directory, create a subdirectory and input "Jenny" as the name of the subdirectory.

  2. Now, from the Quantum Gate CD, find the file Content\Endgame\Jennyltr.mov. Copy this file into the Jenny directory you just created on your hard drive.

  3. On your hard drive, you should now have the file QGate\Content\Jenny\Jennyltr.mov. Rename this file from Jennyltr.mov to Jnyfight.mov.

  4. To test whether the problem has been fixed, start Quantum Gate and go to the Contents menu. From the Day III menu, select "Return To Quarters." After you see the movie clip of Drew returning to his quarters, you should see a movie clip of Jenny in the lower right hand corner. This is the "dummy" file that you copied to your hard drive. You may right click past this movie clip and continue on with the story.

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