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The Vortex: Quantum Gate II


Quantum Gate Temple Bell
The Quantum Gate The Temple Bell

All movies in Quicktime format
The Vortex: Destruction (1.9Mb)
The Vortex: Bang! (664k)
The Vortex: Bugs (320k)

INLINE MOVIES(Requires the Quicktime Plugin, find it in the toolbox.)
The Vortex: The Opening (2.2Mb)
The Vortex: Destruction of a Village (1.5Mb)
The Vortex: Bug QTVR object (708k)
(Note: you must have the QuicktimeVR extensions, check for them in the toolbox.)

Samples from the original motion picture soundtrack from the The Vortex, a first for interactive cinema on CD-ROM.

The Observer's Memory by Candace Pacheco of D'Cuckoo (198K)
Outguessing the Machine by Candace Pacheco of D'Cuckoo (343K)

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