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The Vortex: Quantum Gate II


"The Vortex has all the components of an Oscar-winning film great-acting, cool scenery, a stirring score, clever storyline, and interesting costumes."
Multimedia World

"...the engrossing interactive element and wide variety of possible outcomes [make] Vortex a worthy and enjoyable investment of time."
Daily Variety

"The Vortex sets a new standard for interactive movies...an experience unlike anything else on the market. Grade: A"
San Francisco Examiner

"The acting here easily outclasses anything else on CD-ROM. Vortex's characters are real enough to make you care about what happens to the people in writer/director Greg Roach's script."
Electronic Entertainment

"...you'll definitely get drawn into the movie in a powerful and exciting way."
New Age Journal

"With a compelling story, fine acting, and excellent photorealistic graphics, The Vortex: Quantum Gate II is intriguing and a fascinating harbinger of things to come."
PC Magazine

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